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The World’s premium Eurycoma Longifolia Supplement. Standardized to 8% Eurycomanone to bring maximum benefit to Energy, Vitality, Lean Body Mass and Athletic Performance. A Health Canada Licensed Natural Health Product.

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The original YoungBlood Energy Infusion, Standardized to:

  • 8% Eurycomanone
  • 50% Saponins
  • 14% Peptides
  • with 100mg caffeine (anhydrous)

Each Capsule Contains:

  • 100mg Eurycoma Extract: 8% Eurycomanone
  • 100mg Eurycoma Extract: 50%Saponins, 14%Peptides, 1%Eurycomanone
  • 100mg Caffeine (Anhydrous)
    Vitamin B-5 (340%)
  • 66.5mg L-Methionine (Amino Acid)

YoungBlood Energy Infusion Product Label Canada

YoungBlood Energy Infusion Product Label Canada - FRENCH

9 reviews for YoungBlood Energy Infusion (Canada)

  1. Sam D

    As a university student playing competitive soccer at a high level would leave me burnt out with difficulty focusing on work and just hard to have good energy. A friend told me about Tongkat Ali and after doing some research youngblood has the best ingredients. After 2 weeks my energy levels have significantly improved, my training feels way better and my brain fog has gone away – I just finished my midterms too and feeling super pumped!!

  2. Steve Mirk

    Having recently gone through a tragedy in my personal life, I wanted something that would energize me and just put me back on my feet. It took about 2 weeks but I really noticed it — I am waking up refreshed and excited about my day where just weeks ago I was lacking motivation and bordering depression at times. I really believe the pickup from youngblood provides me the regulation and boost I need.

  3. Jo-Anne S

    I’ve been tracking my sleep and was exhausted because I never got a good night’s sleep. I’m in perimenapause; on average I woke up 4 times per night. My naturopath told me about the hormone balancing effect of Tongkat Ali… Within a week of taking Youngblood, my sleep improved dramatically:
    Total sleep went from 5.2 – 6.5 hrs
    Deep sleep went from 60-90 mins to 120-130 mins
    REM sleep went from 44 mins avg to 92 mins
    Now I’m only waking up once or twice per night. Youngblood has been great for that – I’m even taking it upon myself to go work out a bit every day

  4. Alexis

    Great Energy!!

  5. Michael Varney

    First I felt over-energized, like a good coffee but no crash, just so much energy. My memory has improved and I am quicker on my feet feeling like I’m 20 again. Libido is great, been hiking more, and feel more muscle mass in the legs. It’s been 8 weeks or so and I’m down 15lbs! What a change – thanks for a product that actually works!

  6. J. Kendall

    Good Energy. Took about a week to kick in but now the last 3 weeks have felt very good

  7. Gina

    Love it take 2 every day before lunch to get rid of the afternoon slump, and another in the afternoon if it’s a big day

  8. Trevor

    I am a 43 year old man that has struggled with 4 knee surgeries over the last 3 years. I’ve suffered a large amount of muscle atrophy in my legs and have struggled to gain my strength back until I was introduced to Youngblood – it just feels great to be getting my legs back and the energy boost is great!

  9. Tri-geek73

    Love the energy, sometimes takes a good hour to kick in, and it took a good week or two to feel the tongkat on overall energy and motivation/mood/endurance but I guess that’s how tongkat ali works.

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