YoungBlood improves Energy levels by optimizing your hormone balance naturally. DHEA and testosterone are vital to both male and female motivation and confidence, as well as the cellular metabolism of fat, carbs and proteins. Only STANDARDIZED Eurycoma Longifolia Extract is clinically proven to improve the body’s own natural production of DHEA and Testosterone. YoungBlood not only supplies caffeine for immediate boost to mental and physical energy, it continues to provide ongoing stamina for hours to come by alleviating the harmful effect of stress and regulating stress-hormone (Cortisol) production.

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Testosterone leads to improved function of natural Human Growth Hormone, leading to an increase in IGF-1, commonly called “The holy grail of muscle growth“. This combined with the benefit of increased protein and glucose metabolism may be why clinical testing consistes to show: Those who take STANDARDIZED Eurycoma Extract while training progress faster and further in their strength, muscle mass and fat mass goals than their non-supplementing counterparts.

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Combine the effects of increased energy, motivation, muscle mass and strength and an improved ability to handle stress and you have one heck of an amazing boost to your athletic training. The key is a STANDARDIZED extract that delivers enough of the proven, active ingredients, and YoungBlood does exactly that. If you find another formulation that delivers even close to the same amount of Eurycomanone, let us know about it!


YoungBlood users often report waking up feeling refreshed and energized physically, emotionally, and mentally. While the research hasn’t shown us how this works, we think it’s because of Eurycoma’s effect on the body’s ability to handle stress and its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, which leads to a better sleep. Get ready to wake up with the desire to jump out of bed – take charge of your day, every day with YoungBlood.

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Every Bottle of YoungBlood contains 90 Capsules of the highest concentration of Standardized Eurycomanone available in the world today, containing 8% Eurycomanone.

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The Science and Benefits of Standardized Eurycoma Longifolia


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